What is CompliLearn?

CompliLearn is a staff professional development management platform (PDMP) with curated learning content for teachers, school staff and leaders.

For Individuals: Access over 200 hours of professional development content from some of Australia’s most reputable and trusted organisations, curated by educators for educators. View the entire CompliLearn Catalogue and start learning with over 50 free learning items by signing up for a free account now.

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For Schools: Gain complete control over managing your staff learning and PD. As a state-of-the-art professional development management platform (PDMP), CompliLearn allows you to publish your own content and access curated professional learning content. Critically CompliLearn lets you publish, distribute, track, manage and report on all staff learning and PD from one central location. Click here to learn more about CompliLearn for Schools.

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What Learning Content is Available Through CompliLearn?

  • Professional development content – curated by industry experts – that you can trust to be compliant, relevant and engaging.
  • PD content is mapped to APST standards (where relevant) and categorised by state (where appropriate). 
  • Content is categorised into learning lists. Each learning list has free learning items. (see image below for all 6 learning lists)
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Sources of Learning

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A platform for managing staff professional learning that includes a catalogue of curated learning content, self-directed learning features, tracking functionality and standards-based reporting.

Summer Howarth

Learning Strategist