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The GRC Learning List

Governance, Risk and Compliance for School Governors and Leaders (GRC List for short) was created specifically to help school governors and leaders understand their GRC and school leadership obligations in the fast-changing and complex regulatory environment schools operate in. It includes more than 30 hours of learning.

Why will your school governors and leaders appreciate the GRC List?

Because it will help them with their role! This learning was created specifically for them and addresses the critical GRC issues that schools face. It fills the gap in school-specific knowledge that many governors don’t know, no matter how skilled they are in their primary professions.

  • It’s convenient – it’s online so they can learn at any time and from anywhere

  • It saves money – it’s far more cost effective than face-to-face training

  • It’s learning they can trust – it’s curated by the leaders in governance risk and compliance for Australian non-government schools

  • It's learning they can choose -  in addition to completing school-assigned training, they can also choose from over  30 hours of Professional Development (PD) in the GRC List

Why will your Business Manager/Bursar or Compliance Officer appreciate this list?

  • Your school governors and leaders will appreciate that you are saving them time and money while providing more PD than they would get in face-to-face training
  • Learning is delivered via an easy-to-use staff learning system and it's easy to assign, track and report on 

  • Learning content is trustworthy, relevant and kept up-to-date

  • The GRC list includes Responsible Persons training from a NESA approved provider


Ultimately, business managers can feel confident they are doing the best by their governing body and leadership by providing this learning to them!

What topics are included in the GRC List?

  • Board and Executive Management –including Governance for Non-Government Schools, Complaints Handling, Cyber Security and Business Ethics

  • Enterprise Risk Management for Schools

  • Recommended Learning for Board Members - a selection of essential learning items for board members

  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance including Workplace Safety, Privacy, Child Protection and the new Whistleblower Protection Laws.

  • Governing for Staff & Student Wellbeing including social media usage and anti-bullying, discrimination and harassment.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

GRC List CatalogThe list provides both the tools and a focus for your School Leaders and Board to meet their governance, risk and compliance accountability.

To see the learning items in the list:

Download the GRC List Catalogue

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What will your school governors and leaders experience when using this GRC List?


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for training for school governing bodies / boards or councils in other states and territories?

New South Wales: NESA require the mandatory completion of a minimum of twelve (12) hours of professional learning related to governance issues for each ‘responsible person’ for the school, over each three (3) year period from the time of commencing as a ‘responsible person’’. Professional learning must be delivered by a NESA approved training provider to be eligible.

An induction process for new responsible persons for a school is also required including, at a minimum, the mandatory successful completion of a NESA approved training program delivered by a NESA approved training provider.

Your school governors (Board/Council) and leaders are essential to your school’s success for creating and maintaining a safe environment where students can thrive and achieve outcomes.

South Australia: the Standards for Registration and Review of Registration of Schools in South Australia (paragraphs 2.9 and 2.10) require schools to provide appropriate PD and that their teaching and non-teaching staff, contractors, volunteers and visitors are regularly informed of their child protection and mandatory reporting obligations.

Western Australia: the Guide to Registration Standards and Other Requirements for Non-Government Schools 2020 - (Chapter 1) in relation to school governing body members requires evidence of training opportunities offered to and undertaken by members that target gaps in members’ knowledge and expertise as well as providing regular updates covering accountable and ethical decision making, complaints handling, duty of care and protective behaviours with particular attention paid to the context of school boarding facilities where applicable.

For other states and territories, there are no specific legislative requirements. Many school governors have high levels of commercial expertise and business acumen, but schools are unique and complex environments. This means that even the most experienced governors require specialist knowledge about schools, to supplement their existing skills, if they are going to maximise the impact of their service.

Who wrote the learning content in the CompliLearn GRC List?

The individual learning items in the GRC learning list were developed by a combination of CompliSpace’s own legal, editorial and education team as well approved third-party contributors. Curated by educators for educators, the PD content is mapped to APST standards (where relevant) and categorised by state (where appropriate). And it also includes content from some of the most trusted organisations in Australia. 

Is the CompliLearn GRC List just for School Governors?

No. The courses and resources included provide vital learning for your School Executive and senior leaders. Many of the resources can also be used to provide a wider understanding of the school's responsibilities to all of your staff members.

Can my school governors (board / council members) access this training if they don't have school email addresses?

Yes! CompliLearn supports both Single Sign On (SSO) for your school domain users, and local authentication with personal email addresses. Please refer to our Self-Help Portal for more information on this.

How can I see what PD is included in the GRC List?

Easy! You can review and download the full content catalogue here.

How easy is it to use the learning platform for a learner?

CompliLearn is a platform for managing staff professional learning that includes curated learning content, self-directed learning features, tracking functionality and standards-based reporting. It’s easy to use for learners and we have a number of resources in our Self-Help Portal to help them get started and videos to take them through all the key steps. As a first step watch this video on a leaner's experience.

How easy is it to use the learning platform for an administrator?

CompliLearn is a platform for managing staff professional learning that includes curated learning content, self-directed learning features, tracking functionality and standards-based reporting. It’s easy to use for administrators and we have a number of resources in our Self-Help Portal to help get you started and videos to take you through all the key steps.

Does my school have to use other CompliSpace products to be eligible to get the GRC Learning List?

No! Any school can purchase the GRC List, regardless of their current or past relationship with CompliSpace. 

How do I assign specific training to my governors and leaders?

It’s easy! Learning content in CompliLearn can be assigned to individuals or groups.

If you have audiences that you plan to assign the same learning to (e.g. board members, the School Executive) you can create groups so that you can easily track progress and report on completion.

Please refer to the Self-Help Portal for more information on this.

How am I able to know/monitor if my governors have completed their training?

Easy! CompliLearn’s reporting features will track and monitor progress. For more information on these features please refer to our Self-Help Portal.

What if I have some questions and would like to talk to someone about the CompliLearn GRC list?

Please contact us at 1300 132 090 or email contactus@complispace.com.au.

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