FREE: Bushfire Safety & Wellbeing Professional Learning List for Schools

It’s been an unprecedented and tragic summer in Australia and whether your school community was directly affected by bushfires or not, all of us are feeling the devastation.

When schools return in 2020, teachers will be faced with questions about fire safety and issues like managing grief, loss and how to help.

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PD for Schools: Bushfire Safety & Wellbeing

To help teachers and school staff prepare, the CompliLearn Team from CompliSpace has curated a professional development program that covers both the practical and emotional sides of bushfire readiness and recovery.

Practical Issues – Readiness and Safety

Bushfire Readiness and Safety includes topics on the practical side of keeping students and the school community safe like school preparedness and coping with poor air quality.

Emotional Issues – Recovery and Wellbeing

Research on psychological outcomes from disaster media coverage shows that children are particularly vulnerable to trauma resulting from absorbing images and concepts like those that have been broadcasting across Australia. Further, trauma pauses the ability to learn.

The purpose of this PD is to help teachers recognise signs of trauma in students and provide strategies to assist them.

What's in the List?

Practical Issues: Bushfire Readiness and Safety

  • - Course: Bushfire Readiness

  • - Course: Dealing with Poor Air Quality

Emotional Issues: Recovery and Wellbeing

  • - Course: Bushfire Recovery and Wellbeing

  • - Podcast: Interview - Supporting Students after Trauma

Download a copy of the list overview here.

How to get the List

In order to provide the professional learning content quickly and free of charge to non-CompliSpace schools, we have packaged it as online learning accessible via a web page.

Simply complete the form at the bottom of the page to request access to the Bushfire Professional Learning List resources.

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